I am a former educator with a love of history.  I reside in the mountains of northwest Georgia with my husband Dale.  I am the mother of two children, Andrew and Lauren and nana to five grandchildren: Lucas, Elise, Aedyn, Ross and Thomas Henry.


I have a passion for writing and have always loved a good mystery.  I learned about Eula Elrod taking a local history class in 2006.  My journey took me up rickety ladders, digging through dusty transcripts, searching through old magazine and newspaper articles and even through the personal papers of a former Georgia governor to uncover Eula's story.

With Jan, I exchanged over 50 letters with Jan exploring her life.  This also included some 40+ hours of face to face visits her.  


My newest book Junior is a murder for hire that happened in Murray County in November, 1980.  I worked extensively with local law enforcement as well as members of the justice system to give the reader a behind the scenes look.


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